Any materials, finishes and forms

The team of highly skilled and qualified craftsmen combine trusted crafting techniques with the most advanced modern technologies. Passion, experience and utmost dedication. Everything harnessed with attention to the minutest detail.

The main base materials used include all solid wood and veneer types. 

All types of varnishes: transparent (matt, semi-matt, semi-gloss, gloss), seal coats (according to the NCS and RAL colour palette) as well as classic polish. We provide any veneer colour of your choice. To add a customised character, we also offer various special effects obtained through patination, sanding, brushing, flaming.

We combine typical carpentry materials with mixed metals (e.g. stainless steel, bronze), leather, stone, glass and precious decorative materials (e.g. gold, silver, mother of pearl, tortoiseshell ).

Some of the decorative techniques normally applied by us include: wood marquetry, inlaid wood, decorative composition of veneers (generating various geometrical patterns), polishing, sculpting, leather embossing (cordovans).

We offer furniture upholstering and upholstering of furniture interiors.

Complex, irregular shapes requiring bending and combining bended parts and elements, unusual shapes obtained through hollowing out blocks.