Passion, experience and utmost dedication. Everything harnessed
with attention to the minutest detail.

At the Lis&Sons family manufactory, it is the craftsmen who give their full attention and put their whole heart into the furniture-making process that are the most important. After all, thanks to them Lis&Sons furniture astounds with its perfection and incredibly creative use of the tradition of the applied arts.

The furniture made by LIS&SYNOWIE are crafted from the finest types wood and decorative materials. The sublime nature of the finishings and the diverse textures and forms ensure that your every contact with our products is a unique and a sensually stimulating and inspiring experience.

The Collections of LIS&SYNOWIE are the work of furniture designers whose main inspiration is drawn from the classic furniture art trends from the beginning of the 20th century. In designing the furniture they draw inspiration from the modernist striving to simplicity, the exoticness of the Orient and the refined elegance and rhythmic geometry of the 1920s and 1930s.